The Opening Night

One starry night in Mexico, a young-ish couple from the UK decided to make a difference. With Paul powered by science, and Laura powered by people, they had the perfect skillset to start a men's skincare movement. Gentlemen's Scrub Club was born. The result: a range of exceptional, ethical and sustainable  skincare products that help men look and feel great.

Hassle-free and Cruelty-free

All of the products in our Three of a Kind skincare set are cruelty-free, naturally vegan and free from anything unnecessary. Designed for the modern man, our no-nonsense 3-step programme will clean, cleanse, and protect your face with ease. After all, a true gentleman should always look his best.

Our Club Rules

Let's face it. You want great skin, and we all need a cleaner planet. Well, sustainability doesn't mean compromise. We have gone to great lengths to create ethical products that include everything your skin needs and nothing it doesn't. No gimmicks, no hype, just natural ingredients that are good for your skin and better for the world. At Gentlemen's Scrub Club, less is so much more.

This Club Belongs to Everyone

At Gentlemen’s Scrub Club, everyone is welcome. Whether you’re a man’s man, modern man, everyman or rocketman, if you care about how you feel and your impact on the planet, then you’re in the club. Let’s make a difference, together.

Going the Extra Mile

We’ve gone to great lengths to package our products in an ethical and responsible way. From 100% post consumer recycled bottles (that’s plastic from your recycling bin) and vegan inks and adhesives, to biodegradable jars and labels, everything you see is a great option for the environment. And we didn’t stop there, we also have a climate positive workforce, so we offset our employees' carbon emissions and also plant trees. Buy our products, fight carbon emissions. It’s that simple.

Meet the Team

Paul Doughty (Co-founder)

• BSc. Biochemistry with Biological Chemistry
• 14 years pharmaceutical and healthcare products industry experience
• Professional guitarist, rock climber, loves travel, vegan food and great skincare

Laura Burton (Co-founder)

• MSc. Global Business Management, MSc. Marketing and BSc. HR Management
• 11 years global HR experience in science and manufacturing industries
• Loves music, sustainability, travel and personal development